How to find us

If you do not know how to get to us, just follow the signposts or use our free transport.



When you reach D111 road (you will see the sign with an add), go to the right, drive straight forward to the next add and then turn right. Park place provided :)


On the other side of the marina you will see an add, then go the right :)



Our GPS coordinates: 43° 24' 2.9082" | 16° 12' 21.7002"

We offer free transport from/to our restaurant.
Contact: +385 99 797 4312

Restaurant Šampjer

Phone: +385 21 659 107

Mobile: +385 99 797 4312

The island of Solta, Maslinica, Put Burni gaj 18

E-mail address:

Opening hours: 15:00h - 23:00h